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Pair guilty of felony murder in death of officer

June 4, 2010, 11:55AM
Jurors this morning found two people guilty of felony murder in the June 2009 shooting death of undercover Houston police officer Henry Canales.
Xiomara Mendez-Rosales, 37, and Andres Nava-Maldonado, 42, both illegal immigrants, could face life sentences as jurors begin hearing testimony before deciding punishment.
They deliberated about five hours beginning Thursday afternoon before deciding the pair were guilty of engaging in organized crime and felony murder.
Prosecutors said Canales, 42, was shot and killed by Roberto Pedroza Carrillo in a barrage of gunfire during a sting operation in which the officer was trying to sell “stolen” televisions, valued at more than $35,000.
Carrillo also was fatally wounded in the gunfight. He was shot by Canales and another undercover officer as more than a dozen officers pounced from their covert locations in the southwest Houston parking lot at Hillcroft near Bellaire.
Nava and Mendez were found to be Carrillo’s accomplices and complicit in the felony murder, which is charged when a death occurs while committing a felony.
Nava’s defense attorney, Casey Keirnan, and Bob Loper, who is representing Mendez, argued that their clients did not know Carrillo had a gun and did not intend on anyone being shot and killed.
The two were not charged with the murder of a police officer because Canales did not have time to identify himself as an officer.
The punishment phase, in state District Judge Mary Lou Keel’s court is scheduled to begin after lunch today.

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