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Pro Immigration side is loosing steam

From one of the pro immigration let all the migrants in from all over the world is now thinking they may be loosing the effort! 

Really!  WOW, what a choice, when you spit in the face of those who you want to accept you for who you are, by rioting in the streets and carrying other nations flags, buy showing no respect for the rule of law of this country.

You chose to wake up the sleeping Giant, now he is awake and very angry with the situation.

I find it extremely selfish of the DREAMER’s to settle for passage of the DREAM ACT while disregarding comprehensive reform that would benefit many more people.
The Pro-Reform movement has become so fractured which each group pursuing it’s own agenda that we’ve pissed away one of the best chances for reform we’ve had in years, and will have for years to come.
While the anti’s have stayed on message blaming the Mexicans and other Hispanic immigrants for all of societies ills.
Perhaps our side needs to come together with one message and one solution and raise our voices our loud or louder than the opposition.
We’ve shown that we can put feet on the street at a ratio of 10-1 or better than the anti’s, which shows we have support for our position. But the movement remains fractured and that will be our downfall.

No, I will not post a link to the article, it only improves the other site in Google search engine!

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