When will this great country secure its borders?


Ten years after September 11, 2001 we still have not secured our borders and protected our citizens yet every elected official and appointed one thinks we have! Americans must be living in some alternate make believe world to think our local, state and federal government has the slight inclination to ever secure our borders and protect its citizens. Every year or a few Americans fight battles against the people in our country who want to grant legal citizenship to people who are here illegally and every time those few Americans stand virtually alone in the fight while the rest of America goes to the Mall, The next game, kids activities, the movies and in general just doesn’t give a Damn about anything outside their own little world!

How on earth do we as Americans sleep at night knowing that we elected these Horses-asses to represent us when they can’t even protect our borders by sending in troops to get the job done? I know that the Immigration issues are complex, that is not up for discussion, what is needed is strong enforcement of our local, state and federal laws and the protection of every foot of our borders until this neighbor next to us either gives up and we take over Mexico or gets his act together and fights like they want to win.

To say that I am a little upset now over another fine BP agent being killed after last year’s agent here in California or BP agents being put in prison for twisting the handcuffs of drug smugglers in custody would be putting it mildly. Americans (Who are paying attention) want and demand our borders secured from our nasty neighbor Mexico. We don’t really care what it takes to get it done; you can close down all the ports of entry and pull back 200,000 troops from South Korea if that is what it takes!

Our Federal government has been playing patty cake with our southern neighbor’s way to long in hopes they would fix the problem! Well guess what? They have not, not in the last 30 years and not in the next 30 years! Why should Mexico fix the program that allows them to discard the poorest of the poor, the least educated to come here to America and then send earnings back to Mexico in remittances! It would tear down the Mexican economy.

Over the years we have heard every agency, every president, every senator, every law enforcement agency tell us “We are working to secure the borders! Well, I think your time to “Secure our borders is UP”, YOU ARE FIRED for Failure to perform your duties.

Americans of all races, colors, religions need to wake up and make your voice heard! If they cannot hear you then you are not loud enough! This message has to hit these lackeys so hard they spin around. Our president (And I use OUR only in respect for the office) Must call in the troops and lots of them immediately! If the country thinks that the war in the Middle East is bad, how about the one going on right next door to us?

Mr. President, Mr. & Mrs. Senator, Mr. & Mrs. House of Rep. Governors, Mayors and all elected officials, WE ARE PLACEING YOU ON FORMAL NOTICE AS OF TODAY! PROTECT OUR COUNTRY OR YOU WILL END UP IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE BEHIND US!

Signed: Mad as hell and not taking it anymore!

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