Illegal Alien Rapes & Kills BABY!

Man Accused In Baby Death Had Been Recently Deported
Police Say Juan Galindo Admitted He Was High On Meth During Assault

Federal agents said the man accused of sexually assaulting and killing a 1-month-old baby girl had recently sneaked back into the United States after being deported to Mexico four months before the crime.
UPDATED: 6:29 pm MST December 30, 2011
Police released a recording of the 911 call that indicated the baby was already dead before anyone contacted the authorities.
"(The) baby was taking a bottle and choked and couldn’t stop, and the baby has now passed away," the caller told a 911 operator.
According to a criminal complaint, sheriff’s deputies found a 4-week-old baby girl battered, with blood pooling around her clothes all the way into the footie of her Onesie. Officers said the baby had two black eyes, a bite mark on her cheek, brain bleeds, a lacerated liver and anal and vaginal tearing. The 911 operator asked the family to perform CPR, but it was too late.
"The baby’s gone," the caller said.

Authorities said they arrested 37-year-old Juan Galindo on charges of sexual assault and child abuse resulting in death. Officers said Galindo admitted he was high on meth when he assaulted the baby.
According to court documents, the baby’s mother was at a casino early Thursday morning while her daughter was subjected to the fatal sexual assault. Court documents also said Galindo had tried to revive the baby, but when he couldn’t, he took her lifeless body outside and sat with her on the porch for three hours.
According to the criminal complaint, the baby also had rib fractures in various stages of healing, which indicate that she had withstood abuse for over a period of time.
Immigration officials said Galindo, a convicted felon, may face 20 years in prison just for coming back into the country. Investigators said it’s still unclear if anyone else will face charges in the incident.


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