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OUTRAGE: Feds Spend $1.6 Million to Restore “La Raza” Murals

The funds are being provided by the Department of Transportation and is called a “federal transportation enhancement” (as if there are no unsafe bridges across America that could use the funds!)
The murals begun as Mexican nationalist graffiti in the 1970s. The graffiti was first painted on highway underpasses in an attempt to stop the construction of a California Highway Patrol office there. Activists proclaimed the area a “Chicano park” and appeasing leaders – fearing violence – “negotiated” with activists to keep the murals and cancel the police station.
The Federal money will pay to restore 18 panels. 9 have been restored so far. Funding was first approved in a Congressional earmark in 2002, but was (wisely) held up by the Bush DOT because of the frequent mention of the racist “Aztlan”. But with Obama and his La Raza sidekicks Hilda Solis and Cecilia Muñoz in power – and Latino votes to be bought – the funding is now going ahead full steam.
Here are some selections:

Above: One panel depicting the mythical “Aztlan”, carving up nearly half of America into land that Chicano activists claim was “stolen” from Mexico. Also a lovely image of naked, armed woman and some creepy ‘baby’ with severed arm holding a machete.

Above: the first of several appearances of Communist murderer Che Guevara – darling of the left – who conducted more than 500 show trials and executions in Castro’s Cuba.

Above: Yet another appearance by Guevara, along with Castro (far right), and a flag declaring “The Race…YES, Border Patrol….NO” – oddly depicting Cesar Chavez’ United Farm Workers flag above it – despite the inconvenient truth that Chavez himself was strongly opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty.
Your tax dollars at work promoting ethnic separatism and Communist icons in the good old U.S.A.
Below: A sympathetic local news anchor excitedly reports on the project, with nary a word about what the murals contain.


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