Victims of Illegal Immigration

February 26, 2013

To: President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
Fr: Jacob Franklin Hurst, TX
Re: Victims of Illegal Immigration
February 20, 2013
President Obama –

I apologize about the length of this letter. However, I wanted to present the FULL picture of what Illegal Immigrants have taken from our family, and how devastated this law abiding American family is at the hands of crime carried out by the hands of Illegal Immigrants.
Over the last month, we have heard calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We have heard several plans and ideas covering just about all facets. But there has been one glaring group of people left out of the debate, who the media and politicians have not allowed to have a voice or opinion. The ones I speak of are those of us that have been victims of crimes, carried out by the hands of Illegal Immigrants.
One of the largest campaigns by Politicians and pro-amnesty groups is to brand Illegal Immigrants, as good people that are really not criminals. We have even had Politicians lecture Congressional Hearing Witnesses and fellow politicians to not call Illegal Immigrants “Illegal”.
Regardless of how noble the intentions Illegal Immigrants are for breaking many laws, they are breaking Federal Immigration Law. Our governments own statistics estimate that over 80% of Illegal Immigrants commit Identity Theft – which means millions of Americans are victimized every year and have their financial and sometimes legal lives, turned upside down. Illegal Immigrants commit a myriad of secondary laws to cover up the first Federal Crime broken – including committing Identity and Credit Theft against American Citizens, committing Perjury on pre- employment forms, driving illegally and without insurance, lying to get Federal Benefits, take jobs from Americans, just to name a few. But again, we are told not to call those who break law “Illegal”, regardless of who they victimize and how bad they victimize them. And let’s not forget, that 100% of Illegal Immigrants have broken Federal Immigration Law.
I grew up the oldest of eleven children, in an economically depressed part of Iowa. Our family never had much, but always had an excess of love for each other and pushed the ethics of hard work, and respect for the law. I worked hard to get a full Music Scholarship to College, as I knew that I was on my own to pay for college. After college was over, I loaded up my car with the very few possessions that I had and with just barely enough gas money to get to Los Angeles to get my start in the Private Sector. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it when I got there, but I knew somehow I would make things work – which I did. I didn’t rob a bank to get “cushion money”, I didn’t steal someone’s identity to get credit cards to fund finances, I did it 100% on my own.
A year and a half later in December of 2001, I returned to the Mid-West and got into the Public Safety, and served as a Correctional Officer and Police Officer. During my tenure as a Police Officer, I became aware that I was a victim of Identity and Credit Theft when purchasing a newer car in the latter part of 2002 (while I was still a police officer nonetheless). I took boxes of evidence I recovered after spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars investigating the Identity and Credit Theft to a local Social Security Administration Office. A few weeks later, they informed me that the SSA (Social Security Administration) would issue me a new Social Security number to use. The SSA, with nearly endless resources to get further (and much more quickly) with the investigation, revealed that they traced the origins of my Identity and Credit Theft to an Illegal Immigration Ring, and my information was used by multiple individuals at very short intervals each. And it would further be used – and there was really no way to stop it, or really lock it down to the exact individuals based off of the way Illegal Immigrant Rings operate.
It is now 11 years later in 2013, and I am still dealing with destroyed personal credit. I have reached out and tried getting more help from the Social Security Administration, the FTC (that ironically was supposed to be the silver bullet with legislation from your Administration which has been zero help and resulted in zero results), Law Enforcement Agencies, Credit Bureau Agencies, Credit Repair Agencies, etc. Even though the Social Security Administration changed my Social Security Number at the on-set, all of my other identifiers matched when applying for credit or getting credit checked for utilities, which merged the newer credit file and the old credit file – being zero help.
I got back into the Private Sector in January of 2003, as I knew if I wanted to have financial freedom and change our family tree forever in a positive way, I had to develop the skills and knowledge to run a successful business.
Starting in January 2003, I started working for a Trucking/Logistics company in Utah. I knew the Logistics/Supply Chain Industry had a lot of opportunity, and was more recession-proof than most industries. I started befriending every rich and successful business person that I could find – hanging out with them to sponge off of their experience, stories, lessons, and advice. I was amazed to find out that every single rich person I met grew up much like I did – not like the “silver spooned trust fund brat” that we are told so much to envy and have distain for. I was also reading as much as I could about business and making sure I was working harder than anyone at my company, and my competition around the Industry. I sacrificed a lot of social time. I wasn’t out wasting time and money in the bars like most of my buddies. I didn’t watch reality television or overwhelm in sporting events (though I did watch an occasional game). I stayed current on the news, current events, and kept studying history since I have a passion for history.
By mid 2007, I was Senior Management at my second company in the Logistics Industry, and was a known and trusted individual in the Industry. It was at this time, I decided to make my move, after the company reneged on some “back-end” bonus/commission structure that I was due after some Management changes above me.
My best friend and wife, Jen, and I decided to invest our families’ small savings that we had saved, about $10,000.00, into forming and starting a small Logistics Company. It was a gamble, with help from no one else. With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – sleepless nights on how to make payroll and how to pay the bills in the beginning, employees getting paid when I could not afford to pay myself during the first year, etc., we turned our company into a successful company.
By mid 2010, we had really turned the corner as a company, and a family. The company was expanding and our family was able to finally enjoy some financial freedom – All while still working as hard as I ever had in my life.
Then “it” happened
– the second and most devastating crime against me by an Illegal Immigrant.
In July of 2010, we were in Utah visiting my wife’s family at a house there that we had just purchased (as a 2nd house that we had paid cash for). Jen’s entire family lives in Utah. We had lived in Texas since January of 2004 which we loved, but now enjoyed being able to have a house to go to in Utah for extended periods to be around my wife’s family. And it was one of my proudest achievements to give Jen something so special!
My one hobby is riding sports motorcycles. And it was especially enjoyable to enjoy this hobby through the mountains all around us while in Utah, as I took my sports bike to Utah with us. I am an avid and skilled rider, and had been since I was 18 years old. So I had ridden for about 14 years, and NEVER had a single accident.
What ended up being a tragic day in July of 2010, was uneventful most of the day to say the least. It was towards the end of the workday – the company was running good back in Texas, and I was in a great mood. I could remotely do all my duties from Utah and if I needed to I could catch a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth if I needed. I noticed on the way past a mirror that it was time to get a haircut as I did about every 2 weeks to stay “squared away”. I decided to take my motorcycle to the “old fashioned” Barber Shop that was in the Historic part of downtown, which was about 2 miles away. I arrived quick, got my haircut by my usual “seasoned” female Barber who is absolutely gifted at what she does with hair and how she ran her Barber Shop (even gave a shoulder massage after each haircut).
I walked out after getting my haircut feeling great as always. I jumped on my motorcycle, started it up, and pulled away. About 3 blocks down the street on this slow moving road, as with every intersection, I looked left, then right, then left, then just as I looked right the last time as I entered the intersection, the car that was there on the side street waiting to pull out in my lane had pulled right out in front of me. It was a two-way street, so if I would have swerved left I would hit an oncoming vehicle. If I went right I would have hit parked vehicles. All I could do is yank the brakes hard as possible and push myself back to keep the back of the bike down – which didn’t happen. It was like slow motion. I felt the back of the motorcycle lifting up off of the ground, and weightlessness as I lifted off of the seat and flew over the handlebars. As I got ready to make impact with the side of the car, I tucked my head as much as I could. I hit parallel with the road, left shoulder first – much like a football player would make a big diving hit. The impact was so violent, that it immediately shattered the left side of my rib cage into dozens of breaks and fragments, broke an ankle, severely sprained another ankle, severely tore tendons in my left shoulder, broke the blood vessels in my eyes to turn them blood red, etc. The pain was indescribable.
While motorists were attending to me lying in the street struggling to breathe until an ambulance could get there, no one saw the female driver of the car that took me out, drive away. But she sure did.
I spent the next 3 weeks in the ICU, in and out of major open chest surgeries to stop the bleeding, as the ribs exploded in my chest causing a tremendous amount of internal damage. Between those surgeries, I vaguely remember a visit by a detective letting me know they caught the lady that had hit me, and then ran after. She was an Illegal Immigrant. The Detective said that she had no driver’s license, insurance, or assets that they could find to hold her here to allow me to try and court order and freeze assets.
They said about their only option was to turn her over to Immigration and have her deported. I gave my approval, since there was nothing to sue her for, and the criminal punishment was very lite. Even though I know she would more than likely be back over the border almost immediately, it was the most “inconvenience” that she would be served after what she had done to me (as she had nothing to sue her for, the criminal penalty was marginal, etc.).
After that meeting, I continued to get worked on by an amazing hospital staff. I spent a total of about 3 months in the hospital. When they sent me home, I was still on oxygen and still very much a mess. It was a slow, grueling recovery. My total recovery was about a year and a half long, to where I was able to get as close to back as normal as I could. To this day, I still have a couple broken ribs that will never heal unless I have them surgically fixed. And I have to stay on a nerve block pharmaceutical regimen that I have to stay on daily to relieve the pain from the still broken ribs.
But here are the real losses. My medical bills from the 3 months in the hospital alone, totaled $1.2 Million Dollars. I have incurred over $100,000.00 more in medical bills after my release from the hospital over the past 2 ½ years. I lost my business, we lost our houses that we had paid cash for (like responsible people we never went into debt with a mortgage), we lost our considerable life savings, etc. We liquidated everything to pay the bills. Even though I should have not been responsible for paying the bills associated with this accident, they needed to be paid. I felt it was the right thing to do, after they saved my life (obviously the Illegal Immigrant wasn’t going to do anything).
Mr. President, we have lost everything at the hands of Illegal Immigrants, and by those that support them by refusing to secure the border after we were promised as a nation in 1986 that we would once and for all seal the border. We lost the business that I built from nothing. We lost our life savings. We lost the roof over our heads. You keep speaking about Justice and support for those who will break any law that is inconvenient for them, and for those who destroy Americans lives without a single care for whose lives they destroy. In my case, the Illegal Immigrant wouldn’t even stop to help save my life that SHE about killed. Where is my justice? Where is my wife’s justice? Where is my children’s justice?
My business that I built from nothing was to be my children’s birthright, and the birthright of my children’s children. Yet, while we did nothing wrong, played by the rules, followed all the laws, etc., we had an Illegal Immigrant break over a dozen laws to give their children a birthright of Citizenship forged by breaking every law that inconvenienced them, forged on crushing American Families dreams, and sealed by a reward of amnesty by a Federal Government that seeks potential new votes in elections. Because the laws she broke would not be “severe” enough to get deported under what is being discussed now, she would have to pay a small fine, possibly back taxes (good luck proving taxes when she says she had been unemployed here), and that is about it if the plans now were implemented. She has destroyed a family, destroyed a business, destroyed jobs and future jobs, and the Illegal Immigrant woman will be the only one who comes out ahead in the whole story. How is this justice Mr. President?
We have heard from both Democrats and now some Republicans that since breaking Federal Law is well intentioned, that we should let Illegal Immigrants keep “the fruit of the crime” – meaning to stay in the country. Since my family is in need right now, if I broke Federal Law by robbing a bank since we need the money, would the United States Government tell me we could keep the money which is the “fruit of the crime”, and only pay a small fine? Of course not. I have searched through history to find a single crime where Federal Crimes were broken, and the criminals were told to keep the profits of the crime since they were “well intentioned”, or “needed”, and to just pay a small fine. I could not find a single case.
As much as I blame the Illegal Immigrant for ruining our life, I also blame the Federal Government. In one of the actual few Constitutionally mandated duties that the Federal Government has – to protect United States Citizens from outside forces – which includes Illegal Immigrants. It is also the duty of the government to ensure Justice is administered blindly and equally.
Our country during the debate and passage of the 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act, was promised in a speech on the floor of the Senate by Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy “This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this”. Every promise in this statement by the late Senator Kennedy has been broken by the Federal Government. From this 1986 Bill, approximately 3 Million Illegal Immigrants were given amnesty, 2-3 times more than the promised amount. The borders as we know have never been secured as promised. And of course, here we are 27 years later, talking about yet another “amnesty-like” bill after we were promised this would not happen again.
Any Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that rewards Illegal behavior, and at the same time does not compensate victims of crimes carried out by the hands of Illegal Immigrants, is unjust and I will do anything and everything I can do to ensure that does not happen.
My suggestion is to take all active participants involved in the Illegal Immigration market – the Federal Government, Companies that regularly hire Illegal Immigrants, Illegal Immigrants themselves, etc. – and force them to fill a “fund” that pays out to victims that have financial loss, and/or loss of life by the hands of Illegal Immigrants
– Directly or Indirectly.
Sir, my family did nothing wrong. We have never taken anything from anyone, no have we ever taken a penny from the government. We have always paid our own way, worked hard, and followed the law. We made the American Dream, and then lost everything at the hands of an Illegal Immigrant that the Federal Government has been letting happen for decades.
It is insulting to have most of the bloviators in front of the cameras painting Illegal Immigrants as victims, and the actual victims of these Illegal Immigrants ignored, dismissed, and not given any opportunity to give input.
Thank you for your time reading this correspondence, and I will anxiously await your response. Regards,
Jacob Franklin

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