Border Patrol Reports More Stash Houses in the Valley

June 5, 2013

Posted: Jun 3, 2013 9:48 PM

WESLACO – Border Patrol officials said more stash houses are being discovered in the Rio Grande Valley.
Border Patrol agents on Monday arrested more than 30 illegal immigrants at a stash house north of Edinburg.
The house walls were covered with graffiti. Authorities said the symbols may be tied to criminal organization.
"A lot of the indicators on the wall are tied to transnational criminal organizations. There’s markings and other information up there. You may have one group that may have left a message behind for the next group. The information may be written on the wall," Border Patrol Spokesman Henry Mendiola said.
Mendiola said 27 of the 34 immigrants are from countries other then Mexico. Several women were among the immigrants.

"There’s very, very little privacy. They may have a door in the bathroom, but that’s all you’re going to get. The rest is done in the front of everybody else," Mendiola said.
Agents said the house appeared to have been used to hide immigrants for some time.
An hour after the raid, agents rushed to a field to look for a group of illegal immigrants. They said the immigrants were hiding along the road. They fled into the field when they saw the agents.
Agents arrested 40 immigrants at the site.
"These people ran about a half mile in this heat, and they’re not prepared for that. They haven’t had decent food or water and they’re not prepared to take on these elements," Mendiola said.…in-the-valley/

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