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The Slaughter Has Begun « Politically Incorrect – English Version

November 10, 2013


The Slaughter Has Begun

Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good).

For the sake understanding the subject I would like to address here, it is needful that I refresh your memory first regarding an evolutionary process. Many people who meet me appear not to have paid attention to this subject in school so far as to have understood or gone through it at all. Evolution is neither a thinking being or a secret mechanism that causes flora and fauna to strive toward refinement. It is simply a model of game theory for the explanation of developments and manifestations in nature, to which also the behavior of people belongs. Charles Darwin’s thesis on “Survival of the Fittest” in his epochal work “The Origin of the Species” doesn’t necessarily mean “the survival of the stronger,” as is often circulated, rather “the survival of those that adapted.” But this description itself doesn’t hit the nail on the head, because in evolution, nothing adapts to something, rather “one” becomes adapted through conditions. There is neither an individual will in the game nor an all-steering (natural) power.

Why do I tell this? Because it basically has to do with an exemplary evolutionary process in the recent killing of a young German named Daniel S. by Turks in Kirchweyhe, particularly with the insidious genocide against a certain group of young men. The killing itself is not of interest, as horrible as that my sound, rather the “biotope” in which the genocide is taking place. And much more its consequences. The act ranks among a series of barbarities happening more and more often and following each other at smaller and smaller intervals that are being committed mostly by young men of the Moslem faith against German men. (Women are never found among the victims. They are raped as a rule, which also can be banally explained through evolution, but more on that later) Of course the assailants have only rudimentary to no ideal about Islam – fortunately! But the few who have been educated about it, knowing by hearsay or getting the idea about it, are enough to feel like “the masters of the universe.” The theory of empathetic (German) sociologists, according to whom these barbaric young men appear in truth as failures or victims of society and their bloodlust is a desperate cry, is of course a lie ordered up by the immigrant industry, weak-minded politicians and mentally ill leftist media people, which is to serve as the “branding” of the poor, dear foreigner penetrating in the brain of the general public, even though nobody believes it, not even they themselves. In contrast, not even a billionaire with the look of Ryan Gosling has as much self-consciousness as a Turk or Arab that kicks the brains out of a German against the curb.

The model is always the same. A group or host of buddies called together by phone surrounds the victim according to the hunting strategy of wolves in which the delta and beta beasts are constantly circling around on the edge and take care of the intimidating howls of the hunt, and the alpha beast begins to bite of pieces bit by bit from the prey until ultimately all of them attack and kill it. The number of Germans killed in such a fashion is definitely kept secret by official posts, but it is definitely not exaggerated if one would make the assessment that it has to do with the number of victims in a veritable civil war.

But now, let’s get to the evolutionary components, or to all of that which happens in such an unforeseeable favorable conflict situation even for the assailants. The media play a great role in this. A German journalist doesn’t give a flip whether a young ‘fellow countryman’ [German: ‘Landsmann’ — this is important in the explanation] is beaten to death in the open street by him, only that he was trained from kindergarten up about hating his own nationality, and that he even risks his career existence should he show sympathy for such a thing, and that he even takes pleasure in some kind of displacement activity. Oops, now I said a word that the younger readers no longer know because its use could lead to public condemnation, and which is totally Nazi: ‘fellow countryman.’ Hidden in this very word, which can be outdone only by “Landsmannschaft [territorial teams — in which is the word ‘man’],” are two totally fascistic words. First “country,” which really shouldn’t exist if one takes the idea of “open borders” and “everyone is a foreigner” seriously. ” “State” perhaps, yes, State is always good, or Region, but Country? It only truly becomes fascistic with the compound word “man,” which we have learned meanwhile through gender research that the man is only a societal construct and when he still existed, he was only violent, discriminatory against women, sexist, simply like a Nazi. Perhaps Turks and Arabs have compatriots (Ger. Landmann in plural), but we here in Germa… uh, hum, in the German region don’t know such a thing. And as a result, we also have no sympathy for our fellow countryman.

Nobody would have gotten anything about the beastly murder of Daniel S. through the media, were it not carelessly reported in a local edition of the BILD newspaper and spread like a wildfire through the Internet. Having been rolled over by a wave of outrage, the left-knitted media was sitting in a quandary. How can one accomplish the work of art of explaining to the people that yet again an innocent German was beaten to death by Germanophobic “people with migrant background,” and suggest at the same time the opposite? A classic case of double-thought. Perhaps it could be done like Federal President Gauck did in his Christmas speech: “Violence in the subway stations or in the streets where people are attacked because they have black hair and dark skin causes concern for us, too”? So, just tell a bold-faced lie? It just had to be possible to tie the whole thing in with certain Nazis so that in this context images of the skin-headed robots would remain stuck in the heads of the readers and viewers!

Then came the SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) mayor of the town came to the rescue where the murder happened. This shining example of a morally bankrupt subject and a rarely uncaring apparatchik had nothing to do more hurriedly than to start a special session of the “Preventive Council and the Round Table against the Right and for Integration” on the spot and to prohibit spontaneous public expressions of sorrow after the mainstream media had entered the story. The most pressing goal now was that just no “right-wingers” should be present at the mourning and burial, however, the goal especially comprised of steering the public opinion over these hallucinating right-wingers and keeping the Germanophobic, and therefore racist, background of the murder out of sight.

Why is it this way? If four or five Germans would have killed a Turk in Turkey, they would have been hanged by their balls on the next street lamp within ten minutes by passers hurrying by. If they would survive that, they would be dispatched the following night in the “fellow countryman’s” jail to the eternal hunting grounds, and if that were not successful, they would be fined with such a high sum as is only possible in this country through tax fraud. One doesn’t need a crystal ball to prophesy how German justice will proceed with these monstrous killers. After the tiring “you were stroked too little as a child” blah-blah-blah, a “main assailant” will be chosen in order to focus public outrage on a single individual, and how cares how many years this one gets put on him, he’ll walk out of jail with an Internet connection and a flat-screen at the latest in two years. The rest of them will get draconian suspended sentences because they didn’t kick the head of the victim fifty times but rather fifteen times.

And again, why is it this way? In the first place, the so-called migrant has become the object of deification in the last thirty years through a matchless and pathological turn around of values in the public discourse; in the totally modern sense he is worth more than the indigenous. Even his archaic and misanthropic customs and his lousy religion are sacrosanct and to be blindly accepted. Above all, he is the fetish of a small, but most influential party in the media, in education and in the societally accepted mentality, particularly the Greens. The migrant, particularly the Moslem migrant is per se unavoidable, innocent, untouchable and by all means an “enrichment,” simply that. Even if a Turkish or Arab migrant himself doesn’t see it that way, either he finds no public ear or is brought to silence with the muzzle of Nazism. It is a sort of hippie-like all-people-become-brothers ideology, which has now degenerated into insanity.

The second reason behind why the indigenous people more or less can gradually be killed without punishment lies with the Germans themselves. They have meanwhile become twisted into a heap of moral cowards who, out of complete fear for their societal reputation under the left/Green thought dictatorship, no longer dare to say anything politically incorrect or even demonstrate at all for it. Because, as we now gather from the media, a Salafist more often becomes a police officer than a German that confesses to be a patriot. In addition, the Germans have wholly entrusted their life and the responsibility for it to the government. The neighbor’s boy was beaten up by foreigners? Yes, too bad for him, the government will have to take care of it. What then do I have to do with this? One thinks afterward, I am xenophobic.

The self-hate and moral degeneration regarding “fellow countrymen” goes so far that accomplished CDU (Christian Democrat Union) politicians kiss the behind of certain imams who come along and beggingly ask them to erect a mosque in the heart of town where women must use a separate entryway. The self-denial of our own homeland and membership thereof goes so far that Tirolean bands who find their homeland to be super and pay musical homage to it end up excluded from the giving of prizes due to public pressure. This mental illness reaches so far that Antifa [antifascist] bands, in the fashion of SS hordes, beat down any form of dissident opinion with approval by national parties and are allowed to exterminate their existences.

“What does all of this have to do with evolution,” you might ask. Totally simple: It has to do with the improvement of possibilities for procreation. These are most easily achieved by forming groups and submitting other groups to extermination that stand in the way of this goal. As was said, this doesn’t happen deliberately, one simply does it and waits. Normally, the counter-group exercises bitter resistance or offers a compromise that everyone can live with. But it occurs in evolution very seldomly that they simply let themselves be knocked up and then kiss the organ of the one knocking them up. And one definitely doesn’t kiss the organ of the one that has killed his own son. For this, one has to possess a special form of craziness and need to be institutionalized. Apropos getting knocked up: The (German women as mentioned in the beginning are not killed, rather raped for the most part. Most rapists in Europe are presently Moslems. The evolutionary model demands it, that the women actually must remain alive regardless of whether young are born by them or not. Evolution is simply a blind, stupid program, but extremely effective.

What will the future look like? This ever increasing killing of Germans will continue to lose its explosive nature so much that only the most horrible cases having seriousness like the worst automobile wrecks will find mention. It will become part of everyday life; people will get use to it. It’s already somewhat like this now. And we will have to deal with the fact that we are gradually being “taken over.” It would be more recommendable than anything not to have any more sons. As was mentioned, the daughters at least will survive.

The Slaughter Has Begun « Politically Incorrect – English Version

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