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Obama Admin. Admits Record Number of Muslim Refugees in FY 2016

October 6, 2016 Leave a comment


Refugees wait for tents as Syrians fleeing the northern embattled city of Aleppo wait on February 6, 2016 in Bab al-Salama, near the city of Azaz, northern Syria, near the Turkish border crossing. (BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images) Refugees wait for tents as Syrians fleeing the northern embattled city of Aleppo wait on February 6, 2016 in Bab al-Salama, near the city of Azaz, northern Syria, near the Turkish border crossing. (BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

The Obama administration admitted a record 38,901 Muslim refugees in fiscal year 2016, according to an analysis of State Department data conducted by the Pew Research Center.

The 38,901 tally, released Wednesday, represents the highest level of Muslim refugee admissions since 2002 — the earliest available data on self-reported religious affiliations, according to Pew.

In total in FY 2016, the Obama administration admitted 84,995 refugees from 79 countries. Muslim refugees make up nearly half — 46 percent — of those admissions. The 37,521 Christian refugees admitted to the United States, meanwhile, comprised 44 percent of all refugee admissions.

As Pew notes, FY 2016 represents the first time in 10 years that the number of Muslim refugee admissions have outpaced those of Christians refugee. The last time the United States admitted more Muslim than Christian refugees was in 2006 when the nation admitted a swell of Somali refugees.

Over 70 percent of the refugees admitted in FY 2016 (which ended in September), the State Department said Tuesday, were from five countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo (16,370), Syria (12,587), Burma (12,347), Iraq (9,880), and Somalia (9,020).

According to Pew, Muslim refugees from Syria (12,486) and Somali (9,012) represented more than half of the Muslim refugee admissions in FY 2016 with the remainder largely from Iraq (7,853), Burma (3,145), Afghanistan (2,664) and elsewhere (3,741).

Meanwhile, the top receiving states for refugees were California (7,916), Texas (7,803), New York (5,035), Michigan (4,257), and Ohio (4,199).

This fiscal year (FY 2017) the State Department says it plans to admit another 110,000 refugees, a newly 30 percent increase over this fiscal year and more than twice the level admitted in FY 2015.

“Looking forward, the United States will welcome 110,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2017,” the State Department explained in its most recent Fact Sheet, released Tuesday. “This is a 57 percent increase over FY 2015 and is consistent with the belief that all nations must do more to help the record number of innocent civilians who are uprooted, cast adrift, and desperate to find peace, safety and the chance to rebuild their lives.”

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Clinton is Mentally Ill!

September 19, 2016 Leave a comment


So Hillary Clinton says a terrorist attack in our cities means we are winning the war against terrorism? Then according to Hillary, Trump should not have called a bomb, a freaking bomb. What The Hell is wrong with these people? We have a terrorist threat here in our country and our political leaders won’t even admit we had a terrorist attack on our city. Three cities over the weekend, three different attacks and our President can’t even make an intelligent determination or statement to what’s really going on in our country. These same people are still wanting to bring thousands of these people into our country. Never in the history of our nation, have the political leaders aided and abetted our enemies the way the current political leaders are doing it right now. Aiding and providing comfort to our enemies is the very definition of a traitor. The very definition of treason. When are the people going to wake up and see this for what it really is. We have politicians who are nothing more then traitors to the country and the people are rallying behind these very traitors. Have the people of this nation lost their ability to reason? Have they lost their ability to think for themselves? Have their eyes been blinded? This is just the beginning and the people better wise up real quick. The only way to stop this is to call it what it is and stop the influx of these people into our country. Start the deportation process immediately, the Federal Government has already told us they know of terrorist cells in all 50 states. They have already told us there is no way to vet these people but, they are willing to import 100’s of thousands of these people into our country. Welcome to the War folks and it’s going to be unlike anything you have ever seen before. This is a holy war, these people are here to wage war. It could be our neighbor, your friend, your co-worker and you will never know it. They are here to pick us off one at a time, in a way that there is no real way to fight back. They have figured it out, one little cell at a time, One jihadist at a time and if we attack them first, we are racist bigots, if we profile just one of them we are bigots and racist, we are the paranoid right wing extremist, we will be the ones who are in the wrong. Political Correctness has taken our ability away of defending ourselves and our homelands against these people. These people are using our own laws against us, They are using our generosity against us, with the current political regime in office, there is no way to stop these people. Look around you folks, I mean take a good look around you and get a clue. They have brought it to us and we can’t even fight them on our own soil without being vilianized by our own government and laws. These people don’t play by our rules, they don’t recognize our laws, There are no rules in war. The people better start understanding the game. This is a Holy War, These people are willing to die, they have no value on human life and it’s here. It’s well past time for the people to wake up. Some of us have been warning you for a long time. The Watchman are sounding the trumpet, can you hear it?

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